Bhaktapur industrial festival collects Rs 80 million proceeds


April 16, 2024


Bhaktapur industrial festival collects Rs 80 million proceeds

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BHAKTAPUR: The Bhaktapur industrial festival organized at Sallaghari in the district on the occasion of New Year 2081 made the transaction of Rs 80 million.

Chair of the festival organizing committee, Sandip Mahat, shared that they were able to make more than Rs 80 million proceeds.

The festival named ‘8th Bhaktapur industrial, cultural, tourism and trade festival-2080/81’ was organized jointly by the Industrial Peace Nepal and Madhyapur Boys Band.

Nearly 200 thousand people visited the event where 150 stalls were set up and numerous daily essentials and industrial products were put on show and for sale.

The daily essentials including food items, clothes, shoes, automobile, national and international cuisines, mobile, and electronic goods were provided at reasonable cost.

The festival held from April 4 to April 16 also featured exhibition of rural technology, children’s park, circus, comedy show and musical performance by national and international artistes.

Representative of the organizers, Sunil Bajracharya, informed that even an Indian singer of Nepali origin, Bipul Chhetri, performed a live concert on the occasion.