Over 10 thousand people enter Nepal via Gaddachauki in a week for Dashain


September 28, 2022


Over 10 thousand people enter Nepal via Gaddachauki in a week for Dashain

Nepalis coming to Nepal from India for Dashain/File Photo

DODHARA CHANDANI: Gaddachauki, a transit point along the Nepal-India border in Kanchanpur, lately reports a large arrival of Nepalis from India for the Dashain festival celebrations.

Over 10,000 people entered Nepal via the Gaddachauki points since the past one week.

According to the District Police Office, Kanchanpur, over 1000 Nepalis are returning home each day from India for the Dashain.

Office Chief Shyam Singh Chaudhary said with transit becoming overcrowded by the India-returnees, security has been beefed-up.

Trained dogs have been mobilized along the border area to prevent any untoward incidents and for the security of travelers.

Ram Bahadur Bhandari of Lamki Chuha who returned home from Himanchal Pradesh said he has been there for over a decade and makes his way to home each Dashain.

As he said, his visit to his home is just for the festival celebration and will back to working stations after the Tihar.

Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Punjab, Bangalore, Shimla, Himachal and Haridwar are among those preferred labor destinations of people from the far-eastern Nepal.

The District Police Office, Kanchanpur said it is concerned about the risk of various infectious diseases with the large entry of people from India and tests for corona, dengue and malaria and the vaccinations for COVID-19 are available along the border point.