Journey of T’s Your Palate


July 28, 2022


Journey of T’s Your Palate

KATHMANDU: From mouth-watering delicacies to heart-warming stories, T’s has everything one looks for. Located in the lively and dreamy streets of Thamel, everything about T’s, a social enterprise, speaks a story of itself.

With the thought of putting people and their narratives first, the four co-founders, Diwas, Ayush, Shashank, and Ruska put their 100% to bring you the most appetizing food which keeps you coming back for more.

Four young members of the Nepalese society carry hope, a vision, and a dream for their future. Diwas Tuladhar with years of market knowledge and experience is in charge of marketing.

He also serves as the executive chef, bringing you mouth-watering food with a story behind every bite. His experience as a chef in Australia inspired his work in Nepal, including the menu.

Ayush Tamrakar, professionally a banker, fed up with his 9-5, decided to be his boss and pursue business. With a strong passion for photography, the man who sees the world through the lens, also curates the photography and ambiance of T’s, as the head of photography and accounts.

Shashank Tuladhar, with his hands of magic and immense knowledge of flavor and herbs, holding a culinary degree and extensive training from China, makes you keep coming back for more with his food as the head chef.

And for the most important part of T’s, its very heart, Ruska Tuladhar helps keep everyone in check and manages all aspects of T’s.

An electrical engineer by profession, with experience in handling staff members and hospitality, Ruska ensures the smooth functioning of T’s.

With every member specializing in their own skill sets, from photography to micro-managing the finer details of the food chain, it’s their hard work that has brought T’s to the place it is at today.

At the height of the lockdown, tired of their 9-5 jobs and the same monotony of life, the 4 co-founders came up with the idea of T’s.

Originally supposed to be an Italian Restaurant, due to the ways of life, it became one of the most renowned food chains in Nepal.

The co-founders, confident in the fact that they can create dishes that retain people and make them come back for more, mixed with a little pun about the initial of the last names of the members, gave rise to the name T’s Your Palate.

The blast of flavors from every homemade ingredient and the vibrant ambiance of T’s Your Palate will undoubtedly make you feel at home.

The refurbished home of the cofounder, Diwas, which is now the hub of flavors not just tells the story of his upbringing but also empowers every member of the nation to chase their dreams.

With the common goal of prioritizing people and giving back to society, T does not just supply the crowd with quality food but is also actively involved in charity work such as making timely and hefty donations to orphanages and animal shelters.

Whether it be by employing orphans and people in need or giving back to society in one way or the other, T’s Your Palate, a social enterprise, has a way of making a place in your heart.

So the next time you are craving a meal that fills not just your stomach but also your heart, we suggest you stop by at T’s and grab a bite because the flavors are sure to “tease your palate” for a long time to come.