“UML instigated the President to postpone elections”

Dhiraj Basnet

September 27, 2022


“UML instigated the President to postpone elections”

KATHMANDU: Despite being passed by both Houses of the Federal Parliament and sent for verification, the dispute over the Nepal Citizenship First Amendment Bill, which was blocked by the President, has reached the court.

Although the Speaker, the Government, and the major political parties have not moved the court formally, five writs have been registered at the Supreme Court. Hearing on the writs, SC issued a show cause order to the office of the President on Sunday.

In this situation, Khabarhub’s Dhiraj Basnet approached former lawmaker and Senior Advocate Ram Narayan Bidari to talk about what the President’s not certifying the Citizenship Bill indicates; does it hint that the President is trying to rule the country, or has it all been part of UM instigation to postpone the election? Excerpts:

What message has the President given by rejecting the Citizenship Bill? Where is Nepal’s politics headed?

What can others do when the person at the helm repeatedly violates the Constitution? She gave a message that the President can veto any bill passed by the Parliament. If other bills are to be treated in the same way, then how can the government and the parliament function?

Various questions have been raised after the President rejected the Citizenship Bill. Some even accused the President of trying to grab executive power. What do you say?

The Constitution has been violated by the President herself. The current constitution is the manifestation of the people’s desire expressed through various movements and the Constituent Assembly.

With people’s mandate, the constitution has institutionalized a republic, federal and proportionate system in the country.

The inclusive and participatory democratic practice has been envisioned in the constitution.

The President has no role in bringing about the current Constitution and the changes it introduced. Both the former Prime Minister KP Oli and the President worked to make the Citizenship bill inactive. This is a wrong practice.

Does she intend to reverse this system?

This Bill is said to be anti-national. This Citizenship Bill has nothing new. It is trying to replace a clause of the Citizenship Act of 2006, not trying to introduce a new law. Her plan is not to comply with the Constitution under the pretext that the Citizenship Bill is anti-national.

Many have commented that UML has instigated the President to postpone the elections. Is that true?

This is an election that CPN-UML will lose. So, it might have provoked the issue to influence the election. Had UML Chair Oli been in power, he would have got the election postponed even by declaring a state of emergency.

It is regretful that the President who lives on the salary made up from the taxes and sacrifices of millions of people has been part of a plot to influence the election, and end up the achievements made through great sacrifice.

Prachanda is also to be blamed for this because he has accepted to make whoever suits his heart the President and the Prime Minister.

This is the result of that. Regarding the Citizenship Bill issue, now it is necessary to go to court.

The court is likely to say that since the Bill has been passed and sent by the both Houses of the parliament, there is no reason for the President to reject it.

The Court has to order the President for verification. What a shameless and disgusting president!

What would have happened if the government had published a notice in the gazette stating that it had been enacted despite the President’s refusal to authenticate it?

This also does not reach the process of the Constitution. It is written in the Constitution that this Bill becomes a law after the President approves it within 15 days. Now the Supreme Court explains.

The Election Commission has prepared to collect about 24 billion by setting fines from 123 thousand of local-level candidates. Is it rational?

All are frauds and deceits. They should have released the public notice. A message should have been sent to the person concerned that the fine was imposed for this reason. The Election Commission should have explained the law. However, no time was given. This style has gone wrong.

How likely are you to get a ticket in this election?

My name has been recommended by the district committee of the CPN-Maoist Center. However, this has been stopped due to the coalition attempts in my area. I worked all my life in Thaha Municipality and Hetauda Municipality, CPN- Unified Socialist Party has claimed there.

How long will it take to decide who will contest from which place in the coalition?

Everything can be finalized before Dashain. Everyone thinks that when you ask for more, you get more. Accordingly, the claim seems to have increased now. This matter will be resolved soon.