Water Supply Minister observes intake of Melamchi Project at Ambathan


May 26, 2022


Water Supply Minister observes intake of Melamchi Project at Ambathan

Water Supply Minister Umakant Chaudhary observes intake of Melamchi Project at Ambathan on Thursday.

HELAMBU: Minister for Water Supply Umakant Chaudhary observed the main audit gate of the Melamchi Water Supply Project at Ambathan of Helambu in Sindhupalchowk on Thursday.

On the occasion, Minister Chaudhary said that he has come together with experts and related officials for a follow up so that the water supply structures would not be damaged as in the past when the monsoon season is about to start.

He said the water in the tunnel of the project would be diverted to the rivulet and the tunnel’s audit gate would be shut any time on the advice of the Meteorological Forecasting Division, experts and employees.

According to the Minister, hydraulic gates would be installed at Gate No 39, 9 and 18, and at the main audit. The hydraulic gates will be arriving from India within some days.

Similarly, gabion wire will be fixed in front of the Ambathan audit to prevent damage from flood and landslide. He instructed the bodies concerned to take measures to control the landslide near the gate for diverting the water and to shift four houses above the site which are at landslide risk to a safer location in coordination with the local government.

The Water Supply Minister also directed for immediately closing the gate to the tunnel and diverting the water into the rivulet as per the suggestion of the Meteorological Forecasting Division and experts, and considering the level of water flow. He believed that the water from the Melamchi rivulet can be supplied to Kathmandu again immediately after the monsoon season is over if the project structures can be protected from damage.

Minister Chaudhary also said that he was ready to fulfill the justified demands of the contractor, including the payments to the contractor. He added that the decision regarding the social uplift budget would be made in a day or two.

He shared that a call for tender has been made for supplying 50 million liters of water daily from the Bagmati river as an alternative to Melamchi for the time being and the government has a plan to avoid a shortage of water for the capital folks by managing additional 50 million liters water from underground sources.

The Water Supply Minister said study is being conducted on supplying water from Sisneri, Thosne and Mahadevkhola rivulets.