NEPSE Continues Downwards Spiral,  falls by 38.45 points Wednesday

All Sector Indices Close Red


January 26, 2022


NEPSE Continues Downwards Spiral,  falls by 38.45 points Wednesday

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KATHMANDU: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index  continued its downtrend on Wednesday and fell by 38.45 points to reach at 2,776.61.

This is a loss of 1.37% on the index. The index had shed a minimal 5.59 points yesterday.

The NEPSE opened at 2,817.17 and made the intraday high at 2,819.01 and  went as low as 2,761.68,  to get ultimately closed at 2,776.61 today. It declined by 1.37 percent.

Similarly, the Sensitive Index also declined by 6.56 points to come down to 518.38 points.

According to NEPSE sources, a total of 93,058,700 shares of 233 companies were traded at a turnover of Rs 4.31 billion Wednesday.

The indices of all 13 sectors closed red.

Api Power Company Limited had the highest number of transactions on Wednesday. The company had a turnover of Rs 16.77 million.

The share price of Pokhara Finance Company Limited has declined the most on this day. The company’s share price fell by 5.59 percent to Rs 556.