JSP’s Saha clinches HoR seat from Saptari-1


November 24, 2022


JSP’s Saha clinches HoR seat from Saptari-1

SAPTARI: Nawalkishor Saha of Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP) secured seat in the House of Representatives from constituency no 1 of Saptari district.

He received 23,5 64 votes while his nearest rival Janamat Party’s Jayakant Raut collected 19,992 votes.

According to the election office in constituency no 1, the NC candidate Ramdev Saha, who was also the alliance candidate, got 14,392 votes.

Similarly, Nepali Congress’ Dinesh Kumar Yadav has already been elected to HoR member from constituency no 3 and CK Raut from constituency no 2 in the district.

Tejulal Chaudhari of Nepali Congress has taken a lead in the vote count of Saptari-4. He is trailed by JSP’s Balkishor Yadav and Janamat Party’s Sukdev Prasad Saha.