Whiteflies destroy seed-bearing paddy in Nawalparasi East


September 24, 2022


Whiteflies destroy seed-bearing paddy in Nawalparasi East

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GAIDAKOT: The whiteflies have infected the paddy crop at a seed-bearing time in majority of places of Nawalparashi Purba district, according to the Agriculture Knowledge Centre in the district.

Raju Prasad Sharma, Chief of Agriculture Department at Gaidakot Municipality, shared that the whiteflies were found sucking the paddy, resulting into mounting worry among farmers.

“Many farmers have begun complaining about the invasion of whiteflies in the crops cultivated this monsoon. We have already appraised the higher bodies about this issue,” he said.

Rain-fed crops are planted in Binayi Triveni, Hupsekot Rural Municipality, Kawasoti, Devachuli and Madhyabindu in the district. Paddy is planted across 18,816 hectare of area in the district this monsoon, according to the Centre.

The Centre was taking stock of the invasion of whiteflies in the district at present, according to him. “The tiny whiteflies suck the ears of seed-bearing paddy as well as other crops which ultimately destroy the crops,” Sharma explained.

Usage of chemical fertilizers was also adding to the woes, according to him. The urea fertilizer put in the plant without consultation with the technicians would turn the paddy green and unyielding attracting the insects. The number of whiteflies grows as the paddy turns green leading to the rise in infection.