NC leaders oppose giving continuity to existing alliance in general election


January 24, 2022


NC leaders oppose giving continuity to existing alliance in general election

Leaders from the NC's non-establishment faction.

KATHMANDU: The non-establishment faction of the Nepali Congress (NC) has objected to the alleged preparation of the establishment faction to head to the polls by giving continuity to the existing alliance.

NC leaders, including central member Shekhar Koirala, representing the non-establishment faction of the party, today objected to the alleged preparation done by the establishment faction led by NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba to contest the general election by forming an alliance.

NC leader close to Koirala held a virtual dialogue on Monday and gathered suggestions regarding the possible move of NC President Deuba, who is also the Prime Minister, to head to the polls by joining hands with the ruling coalition partners.

Party General Secretary Gagan Thapa, central members Arjun Nar Singh KC, Bal Bahadur KC, leaders Chandra Bhandari, Minendra Rijal and Ram Sharan Mahat, among others, took part in the virtual meeting. Vice President Dhanraj Gurung, Joint General Secretaries Bandri Pandey and Jeevan Pariyar could not attend the meeting as they are busy the National Assembly elections taking place on Wednesday.

“NC President Deuba is persuading his close associates to go to the polls by giving continuity to the coalition. We have serious reservations about that,” said a leader, who attended the meeting, quoting Koirala.

Participating leaders expressed worry that Deuba had moved ahead without holding any discussion within the party on issues such as the election, the leader said.

“As Central Working Committee is yet to get full shape, elected leaders from other factions have not been invited to discuss the matter within the party,” he said. “Elected office bearers were being poorly treated in the party.”

Leaders stressed that they ought to be aware as President Deuba was making decisions unilaterally. Participanting leaders argued that the NC should not go to the polls by forging an alliance.

“NC should be able to go to the polls alone sans existing alliance,” the leader said.

NC leaders also discussed the issue of holding three-tier elections at the same time. The leaders stressed that the local elections should be held within coming April.

Meanwhile, the ruling coalition has agreed to hold local level elections by April. Though the ruling coalition held discussions about the election many times, the NC is yet to discuss the issue within the party.