Dialogue on Narayani River conservation in Nawalpur


September 23, 2022


Dialogue on Narayani River conservation in Nawalpur

A dialogue held for conservation of the Narayani River, in Nawalpur.

NAWALPUR: Stakeholders have emphasized conservation of the Narayani River that flows through Nawalpur and Chitwan districts.

Expressing their concerns over the increasing pollution in the River lately, they viewed that there were many possibilities offering the river.

In the recently held Third edition of Dialogue on Water regarding restoration of wetland areas and collective efforts to conserve Narayani River in Gaindakot in Nawalpur district, participants stressed on curbing pollution in the river.

Gaindakot Municipality Deputy-Mayor Shanti Koirala asserted that the rivers and rivulets in their locality had brought in possibilities along with challenges.

Due to rivers, Koirala opined that their locality was fraught with risk of flood, landslide and soil erosion among others. She argued that human race’s existence would remain if only we conserve rivers and wetland areas.

Similarly, Januka KC, Chief of Environment Department in Bharatpur Metropolitan City, shared that the Metropolitan City was working on waste management at the moment and was seeking sustainable solutions for waste management.

According to her, some places in the Metropolis were dumping the trashes in riverside but the Metropolitan City was seeking a sustainable solution for it.

Arun Devan, Program Officer for water for the World Wildlife Fund, said that conservation of river was facing more challenges due to increasing urbanization.

Meanwhile, a conservation forum was formed to launch cleaning campaign in the Narayani River.

A 17-mmeber ad hoc committee has been formed to take forward the river and wetland conservation and clean-up drive.