RPP proposes fully proportional parliament and directly elected prime minister


July 23, 2022


RPP proposes fully proportional parliament and directly elected prime minister

RPP Central Working Committee meeting that took place on July 21-23, in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU: The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has put forward the concept of a fully proportional parliament and an executive prime minister directly elected by the people.

Stating that the current electoral system was expensive, the meeting of the party’s Central Working Committee held in Kathmandu from July 21-23 said the current government structure and election system should be improved.

RPP Spokesperson Mohan Shrestha said the party put forward a proposal that favored a directly elected executive prime minister, fully proportional parliament, abolishment of the provinces and establishment of monarchy as a parent institution.

“The RPP is committed to abolishing the three-tiers of federal governance, establishing an anchored center and strong local levels, and the RPP will make these issues mainstay of the organization,” read a statement issued by Spokesperson Shrestha after the central committee meeting.

Saying the government was not impartial in the past elections, the RPP demanded the government to hold free, fair, fraud-free and credible election to House of Representatives and provincial assemblies.

Similarly, the RPP has objected to the fact that the government has not yet sent a letter to the United States in accordance with its decision to withdraw from State Partnership Program (SPP).

The party further demanded that government employees, security personnel and prisoners also be arranged to vote in the upcoming House of Representatives and State Assembly elections.