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China continues unabated cultural genocide in Tibet

23 January 2022  

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LHASA: China’s oppression in Tibet has gone on for decades and so has the Tibetan freedom struggle.

Tibetans in Tibet have seen, witnessed, and experienced the first-hand oppressiveness of Chinese rule.

The communist party of China that has led the government for a centenary has opted for the most brutal ways to deal with Tibetans.

The Communists not only destroyed countless relics but also robbed the Tibetan people of their livestock, jewellery, their robes and tents also, reported Just Earth News.

During the period when the entire world was under strict lockdown to avoid the shackles of the COVID 19 pandemic, China despite being severely affected as well did not lose the opportunity to torture the Tibetans yet again, reported Just Earth News.

Several Tibetan monasteries, nunneries and schools were forced to close down during the lockdown. The recent upsurge that became yet another saddening event for the Tibetans were the demolishment of a 99-foot tall statue of the Buddha in Kham Drakgo in the Sichuan Province, reported Just Earth News.

According to other sources, it has also come out in the light that 45 huge prayer wheels erected near the Drakgo Monastery have also been removed and the prayer flags have been burned down. The statue was built with the permission of the local authorities and was not an unlawful act. The higher officials, however, started expressing their disliking of the size of the statue although it was causing no harm to any aspect.

The authorities, without any consideration, ordered the demolition on December 12, 2021, and stated the false accusations of how the height of statues as such is prohibited, reported Just Earth News. This was the false reason given behind the demolition of the statue of Buddha.

This reason, however, seems completely irrelevant to the destruction of the prayer wheels that also faced the same fate alongside the statue. Drakgo Monastery’s Gaden Namgyal Monastic school was also demolished a few weeks before this incident under the claims that they had no proper documentation and were violating the law. The destruction of the statue and the prayer wheels is a direct attack on the religious traditions of Tibet. The lack of religious rights in Tibet has been emphasized on various grounds, reported Just Earth News. The lack of rights for the Tibetans to study their own culture and language is clear from the demolish of schools like the one in Drakgo since they serve as an important hub of education related to Tibet. These attacks will continue without a speck of doubt since the communist party’s aim is to completely wipe out every aspect of the Tibetan ethnicity, be it their tradition, language, culture and religion.

The complete Sinicization of Tibet is their ultimate goal, reported Just Earth News. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is seen as a grave threat to their plan which is why the communist government has tried to defame him at all times. One of their main targets now is to appoint the next Dalai Lama as per their will so as to gain control over the religious rights of the Tibetans completely. The same strategy has been seen with their appointment of the Panchen Lama. It is clear, however, that they have no right to do so but the fact that they claim to have always owned Tibet is being used as leverage. The news of oppression in Tibet, the deaths and the destruction of the land stirs everyone to the core and makes us dread the fate of the Tibetans who live in a land as such with no freedom or escape. Tibet’s issue is coming out in the limelight but it needs more support. Tibetans have suffered endlessly with their identities at stake, reported Just Earth News. (ANI)

Publish Date : 23 January 2022 19:59 PM

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