Breakthrough in Super Nyadi’s tunnel construction


August 22, 2022


Breakthrough in Super Nyadi’s tunnel construction

Image for Representation. (Photo: Siuri Nyadi Hydropower )

LAMJUNG: A breakthrough has been made in regard with the construction of a tunnel serving as the approach to the power house under the 42.60-megawatt Super Nyadi Hydropower Project based in Lamjung district. The breakthrough was made few days ago.

The project being developed by the Siuri Nyadi Hydro Power Company is based in Myarsyangdi rural municipality-6.
According to project managing director Dinesh Gurung, a 387 meters long tunnel has been readied for the construction of a power house and so far the project reports the completion of 30 percent work.

Likewise, works are on for digging a major tunnel under the project.

Only 1.5 kilometers, out of 22 kilometers dam side road, is left to be constructed and it is likely to be finished by the next two months. The construction materials are being transported here via a helicopter.

According to the project, the total number of workforce deployed for the project on a daily basis is 240.

As per the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed under the project, power generation shall begin by the next two years. High Himalaya and Dhawalagiri Construction and Development Pvt Ltd has the contract to implement the project.

NMB bank is the leading investor for the project while six others financial institutions will be investing Rs 5.25 billion as loan. Equity capital of promoters will be 1.75 billion.

It is expected to cost Rs 7 billion to complete the project. Electricity to be generated from the project will be connected to the 132 kV transmission line’s Khudi Substation that lies 11 kilometers away from the power house. The transmission line up to the substation will be constructed by the project itself.

According to the project, in winter, the power trade rate is Rs 4.80 per unit for six months in rainy season and Rs 8.40 per unit for six months during winter. (RSS)