Cucumber farmers making good income


December 20, 2022


Cucumber farmers making good income

Cucumber/willinghands.org/Photo for Representation

NAWALPARASI: The farmers at Jukepani of Hupsekot Rural Municipality-1 in Nawalparasi Purba are now busy in collecting cucumbers from the field.

Jukepani is known as the pocket area of agriculture. Thisma Rana who used to work in the houses of commercial farmers is now herself making huge income from cucumber farming.

She had made investment of only Rs 12,000 two years back, but made income of Rs 67,000 excluding operation cost.

“Earlier, rice was planted once in a year and cucumber in the other season. But, now, cucumber is grown in all seasons- throughout the year,” she shared.

She is happy to inform that cucumber production has been a major source of income. She reaped benefit from it. “It’s the income to run my family. No loan is required,” Thisma Rana added.

Most of the farmers at ward no 1 of Hupsekot Rural Municipality are involved in growing cucumber.

They are attracted towards commercial farming of cucumber after other agricultural products did not ensure much income.

Dilmaya Pariyar has been doing commercial farming of cucumber throughout the year and reaping benefit.

“Some Rs 200 thousand is generated by selling cucumber excluding expenses. It is out of the cucumber grown in two katthas of land,” she explained.

She further said if such good idea had cropped up on time, income could be made cultivating the field and she did not have to send the spouse abroad for job, Pariyar recounted.

The farmers here have been able to generate the income of Rs 600 thousand excluding the spending by growing cucumber in 15 katthas of land in a year.

The vegetable grown here is supplied to the federal capital, Kathmandu. The farmers believe if there were no middlemen in the supply of cucumber, they could earn more from the product.

The rural municipality has provided 50 percent subsidy to the commercial cucumber farmers in seeds, mulching plastic, packaging plastic, balances, and ropes, according Chairperson Laxmi Devi Pande.