Lawmakers seek more budget in health, education, stress food self-sufficiency


May 20, 2022


Lawmakers seek more budget in health, education, stress food self-sufficiency

Lawmakers attend the HoR meeting on Friday.

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers have pressed for ensuring that government programs are easily reachable to the people and they be capable of enriching access to basic needs in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Taking part in the deliberations of principles and priorities of the Appropriation Bill for 2079 BS (2022-23) Friday, they were of view of taking the existing economic crisis into consideration while bringing budget programs.

Lawmaker Dev Prasad Timilsina demanded people’s easy access to medical care for chronic and complicated health issues.

Similarly, parliamentarian Yagyaraj Sunuwar said that his party, CPN (UML), was aware enough of the economic condition of the nation and serious about it and that’s why it had decided to end obstruction of the House.

Lawmaker Chhakka Bahadur Lama advised to accord priorities to the agriculture, rural development and backward areas in the budget and to strengthen the sector of social justice.

Meena Subba was of the view that the country could become self-sufficient in food, provided that farmers were ensured seeds, fertilizers and other facilities at right time. She echoed the need of increasing budget in the sectors of health and education, urging the Finance Minister to address the suggestions of lawmakers in regard to the budget.

Khem Prasad welcomed the principles and priorities and urged the government to focus on implementation aspect. He advised advancing towards sustainable and self-sufficient farming and increase budget for education and health sectors.

Rangamati Shahi spoke about the need to increase investment in the productive sectors and claimed that genuine farmers were deprived of the government subsidy. “So the budget should address this issue and lay its focus on job creations through the implementation of entrepreneurial programs.”

Economy is not in crisis as has been touted

Nepali Congress’ Bharat Kumar Shah said the economy is not in bad shape and in crisis as has been hyped.

He drew the attention of the government to take steps taking into account the sensitivity of the situation. “We are in the danger zone due to the high imports, but we are not in trouble as yet,” he remarked.

Jayapuri Gharti of the CPN (Maoist Center) stressed the need of prioritizing industries, tourism, agriculture, health and education sectors in the budget appropriations.

Shekh Chandtara of the same party said the economy is facing crisis due to the wrong policy adopted by the past government and it was wrong to squarely blame the present Finance Minister for this.

CPN (UML)’s Krishna Prasad Dahal said that the priorities and principles of the budget should be implementable, and more budget should be allocated to the local levels. Ram Bahadur Bista and Prem Prasad Tulachan stressed the need to further prioritize the Appropriation Bill.