Chandragiri Municipality to continue with waste segregation


December 19, 2022


Chandragiri Municipality to continue with waste segregation

Chandragiri Municipality/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The Chandragiri Municipality is making preparations for collecting waste by segregating it at a time when separating waste into biodegradable and non-degradable is becoming a challenge.

The Municipality is planning to collect waste separately in six different bags. Each house in the municipality would be provided with six different bags for keeping various types of wastes in a bid to making the city denizens to manage most of the household waste themselves.

Mayor Ghanashyam Giri said that this programme has been initiated to significantly reduce the amount of waste and its sustainable management.

Under this program, each house in the municipality would be given green, red, black, white, blue and yellow bags.

They will be asked to keep bio-degradable waste like vegetable and wasted foodstuff in the green bag.

The citizens would be encouraged to use the waste collected in green bags to make manure.

Similarly, the red bag should be used for keeping broken glasses and other related waste, the black bag for keeping plastic and plastic-related wastes and the municipality denizens encouraged to sell this waste themselves.

Likewise, the white bag would be used for keeping waste papers and the towns folks encouraged to sell it themselves for re-use.

The blue bag should be used for keeping iron and metal-related waste which can be sold to the scrap dealers.

The yellow bag should be used for keeping sanitary pads, diapers and such waste which cannot be managed individually.

The Municipality has prepared a guideline on waste management as well.

According to Mayor Giri, the waste kept in separate bags would be collected on different days by the Municipality.

Altogether six private organisations are collecting the waste in Chandragiri Municipality and they would also be instructed to collect different type of waste on different days.