Flood and erosion obstructs Melamchi-Helambu road


August 19, 2022


Flood and erosion obstructs Melamchi-Helambu road

A section of Melamchi-Helambu road washed away by the river Thursday night.

SINDHUPALCHOWK: The Melamchi-Helambu road has been obstructed since Thursday night due to flood.

The flood eroded soil nearby the river which led to obstruction of the road, said Area Police Office, Melamchi.

Locals in ward no 6 and 7 in Helambu rural municipality and Melamchi Municipality in Sindhupalchowk district have been affected due to obstruction of road.

The road will be opened for vehicular movements after water level in the local river recedes, said Aaitaman Tamang of Melamchi rural municipality.

Similarly, landslide in various places along Melamchi-Titepani road section has also hindered vehicular movement.

Locals in Paanchpokhari Thangpal rural municipality have been troubled due to lack of direct vehicle service from their villages to Kathmandu.

The road has been shut down temporarily by the local level for maintenance.

It could take two weeks to resume traffic along the road, informed Melamchi Municipality engineer Jeet Bahadur Karki.