Unmanaged garbage polluting environment in Sundarharaicha


September 18, 2022


Unmanaged garbage polluting environment in Sundarharaicha

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MORANG: The Sundarharaicha Municipality of Morang district has witnessed problems of garbage management. It has been dumping the garbage near a forest and riverbank for five years.

The locals complain that the reeking garbage piles might have caused disease and polluted environment.

The dumping site in the section of Khorsane-Kerabari of Ward No 10 in municipality has badly polluted the environment, they argued.

Nagendra Dahal, a resident of Sundarharaicha-10, said the plastic waste is spread to agricultural fields and other places when it rains. Dahal wondered why the biodegradable and non-degradable waste was not separated and managed accordingly.

Ward No 4 of the municipality has also been dumping the waste at Badahar near Gachhiya stream for some years. The waste collected from Biratchowk bazaar, Khorsane, Salakpur, Gothgaun is dumped in the forest while those collected from Gacchiya, Dulari, Banshari and Baliya at Badahar.

Media person Baburam Niraula viewed the administration failed to pay adequate attention on proper management of waste in Sundarharaicha. “It is not wise to throw garbage in the forest,” he commented, underscoring the need for timely classification of the waste and manage accordingly.

He further said it is likely that garbage management would be serious problem if the effective measures are not taken on time.

The municipality has been collecting garbage daily by truck and tipper. Although 2 bigha and five katthas of land was purchased at Ward No 1 of the municipality for waste management, but the waste is not dumped there.

However, Mayor Kedar Prasad Guragain informed that efforts were underway to manage garbage, seeking long term solution. It would take time and warrants collective efforts and cooperation, he stressed.