Apihimal rural municipality at high risk of acute food insecurity


February 16, 2022


Apihimal rural municipality at high risk of acute food insecurity

Darchula/Photo for Representation

DARCHULA: Apihimal rural municipality in Darchula is grappling with a food shortage.

Last year’s prolonged drought that ended in the fall of agricultural production is said to be among the major reasons for the food crisis in the village.

The village, home to 7,000 population, lacks access with road connectivity. It is largely characterized by sloping lands and the local agriculture production here is too meagre to meet the food requirements, said a local Prem Singh Dhami.

“The production is hardly sufficient for three months. Now we have run out of food stock.”

As a result, the village relies heavily on food import and lack of easy means of road transportation means the cost for food import is obviously high.

Moreover, the villagers failed to make income from the yarshagumba harvesting as the production was not good as in previous years.

Besides, the Food Management and Company Limited cut off quota of subsidized rice for the village.

“Until two years ago, we used to receive 2,500-3,000 quintals of rice for the village each year, this year we were just given 1,000 quintals and the supplies have been already finished,” shared Khandeshwori-based Food Depot’s Narbhan Singh Thekare.

Though the village is likely to receive additional 500 quintals following the efforts from the local government and the District Administrative Office, but it is not going to minimize the risk of hunger, it is said.

“Demand for rice and wheat is excessively high in the village and it is likely to be gripped by hunger soon.

“The food crisis is already unfolding,” he added. Rural municipality chair Dharmanada Manyal complained that the authority concerned remained unresponsive to their urge to supply additional 5000 quintals of rice for the rural municipality. “The Api folks are likely to suffer hunger soon.”