Government to accept another Rs 80 billion US grant


April 15, 2022


Government to accept another Rs 80 billion US grant

KATHMANDU: Nepal has accepted about 80 billion in grant aid from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

According to Minister for Communication and Information Technology Gynendra Bahadur Karki, the April 13 meeting of the Council of Ministers decided to accept Rs 79.71 billion in foreign grants from the US government for various development programs.

Minister Karki informed that the grant assistance agreed after Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) grant’s parliamentary ratification will be worth 659 million dollars.

Likewise, Nepal decided to accept the international aid of Rs 18 billion received through the International Development Organization under World Bank.

The grant to be received is extra grant and the MCC grant is not included in it.

US government has provided around Rs 60 billion in grant aid under MCC program.