Taskforce recommends to limit Secretary post to 45 to 48

Urges to abolish 24 to 27 secretary posts


March 15, 2022


Taskforce recommends to limit Secretary post to 45 to 48

KATHMANDU: The task force formed by the government for the management of civil service secretaries (special category) has recommended to abolish the posts of 24 to 27 secretaries and limit the post of Secretary to 45-48.

The task force formed under the coordination of Laxman Aryal, Chief of the Administration and Results Management Division at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers has prepared the report concluding that the posts of secretaries should be limited to 45 to 48. At present, there are 72 secretaries.

The task force pointed out that the number of secretaries was unnecessarily large. The task force concluded that there should be only one secretary in a ministry, and in some places, even if there are lower-ranking employees, such posts should be cut as secretaries have been appointed.

The task force consists of the Secretary of Finance, Secretary of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Secretary of the Water and Energy Commission, Secretary of the Ministry of Forests and Environment, and Secretary of the Ministry of Law.