Phoksingtar Bridge not completed in nine years


March 13, 2022


Phoksingtar Bridge not completed in nine years

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KHOTANG: The third extension of the contract for the construction of a concrete bridge over the Sunkoshi River at Phoksingtar on the Diktel-Gaighat section of the Everest National Highway is coming to an end in mid-April.

However, there is no indication that the construction work of the bridge would be completed within the deadline.

The contractor company Gauri Parvati YP JV was supposed to complete the work five years ago.

The delay in the construction of the concrete bridge at Phoksingtar on the shortest road connecting Khotang to the Eastern Terai district has had a direct impact on the economic activities and development of the district.

The state has spent tens of millions of rupees over the past six years on installing and removing temporary bailey bridges in Phoksingtar due to delay in the bridge construction.

After the removal of Phoksingtar Bailey Bridge, which is temporarily connected, there is an obligation to travel through Katari-Ghurmi-Jayaram road and to transport daily necessities.

President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Khotang, Upin Kumar Rai said that the delay in the construction of the bridge due to the negligence of the contractor company has caused immense loss to the local economy.

Consumers complain that the price of daily necessities rises in the district when the road section is blocked for about six months of the year due to lack of the bridge.

Madan Magar, head of the contractor company, said as the work of lifting the ‘arch’ of the bridge has been completed, the construction work of the bridge will not be stopped even in the rainy season. It will be completed this year in any case.