Monster Adventure

Abhinav Upadhyay

June 12, 2022


Monster Adventure

Storyline: An 19 years old boy was transported to another world. There he met creatures called ‘Paradion’.

He wanted to become the ‘Paradion champion but the universe had different plans for him. What adventures will he take? What mysteries will he unravel? What happens?

One line story: While a 19 years old boy named Ace was hiking he came across a blue portal-like thing that took him to another world named Paradise with creatures called Paradion that can apparently be Tamed/caught by a thing called the Paradisk.

Later he learned about the rarity of rank. The rarity rank has a total of 9 ranks. The ranks are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, Heroic, Ancient, Legendary, and God.

He also learned that rarity is very important for types because the higher the rank is the more types it has. It’s like this if you have a common then it will have 1 type since it is first in the rank and if you have a GOD rarity you will have all the types known.

Then after learning about that he got his own paradion named Ele-rex which was an Epic rank. Its types were: Dark, Rock, Metal, Fire and one of the strongest types Dragon. And before leaving professor Mark gave him 9 paradisks to catch paradions.

Ace was happy and when he got out of the lab, he heard that strange blue portals have appeared all over the Paradis region and had made many people disappear.

After asking for the ways to get there he learned that he had to go from the paradion championship because he didn’t have money for the plane.

He learned that you need 10 paradion to enter the championship. And when he was out in the woods looking for paradions he was taken by the same portal which took him to a game-like version of Paradise.

He was amazed about how this place was and then he saw that battle here was also just like a game. He ground a lot of levels until he was level 20 in which he evolved.

He also learned that every time a paradion evolves it gains another typing and it also goes up a rank so his cute little epic rank Ele-rex was legendary. Ele-rex evolved into a much larger T-rex. And he named it Drago-rex.

And he also learned that if any paradion with a ‘Murderous’ personality defeats him in battle the paradion will kill him.

(Season 1)

A 19 years old boy named Ace was bored with his normal life. So, one evening he decided to go hiking and camp there for the night.

While he was climbing the hill, he saw a strange blue light in the bushes. The sun was setting. Ace got a bit confused so he went a bit near.

Soon it felt like the portal was pulling him. He tried to run in the opposite direction but his efforts were in vain. The portal pulled him and he went unconscious.

After he woke up, he noticed that the area he was in was totally different. He looked up and saw that its afternoon.

He now knew that he was unconscious for days. He picked up his bag pack and started walking towards the direction the sun was setting which he knew was west.

He saw some weird creatures some were flying; some were walking and some were swimming in the lakes and rivers nearby. He kept walking.

As the sun was about to set his worries came to an end as he saw a city. He ran as fast as he could towards the city.

He saw some people talking so he went near them and asked ‘’Do you understand me? “They mockingly said, “yeah, we can we are not an alien.” He got a bit happy knowing that they can understand him.

He asked again ‘What are those creatures?’ ‘Do they hurt us?’. They said what are you a baby? Then one said they are called paradion you idiot.

They also said that you can apparently tame / catch one by using something called a paradisk. He now knew that this isn’t his planet or universe because the Milky Way galaxy did not have another planet with greenery with life on it So he asked ‘what is this planets name?’

They said where were you raised? Then one of them said you idiot this planet’s name is Paradise. Then one of them said what age are you? Ace said 19.

Then they said do you have a paradion? Before he could answer one of them said ‘you don’t even know what a paradion is you don’t have one right?’ He said, “Yes I don’t have one.”

They said that professor Mark is giving everyone a paradion if they want to be a paradion trainer. He asked, where? They said there and pointed in a direction. Soon he reached a lab he went inside.

A professor greeted him. He said that you have 3 choices and all of them are random so pick wisely. But before he could pick professor stopped him and said about Rarity Rank.

There are 9 Ranks they are common, uncommon, rare, very rare, epic, heroic, ancient, legendary and God. He also told about types to Ace.

If you have a common then it can control 1 element since it is 1st in the rank. Then professor Mark let him pick his starter paradion.

Ace was about to go with the second one but it felt like a connection between the 1st paradion so he picked the 1st one.

The professor said that his paradions types are Dark, Rock, Metal, Fire, and one of the strongest types Dragon. Ace got happy.

Then he became even happier when Mark said that the rank is epic. Mark then said that his paradions name is Ele-rex.

Then Ace got 10 paradisks from Mark and then he headed out. While walking around he saw the same people who told him about paradions so he went near to thank them. but when he got near, he heard that strange blue portals have been sighted and that people have gone missing.

After Ace heard that he quickly rushed and asked ‘where? Where? ‘they said in the paradis region. He asked the ways to get there.

They said plane or paradion championship. Ace did not have money so he had to pick the second one. He asked whether the championship was free?

They said yes it is free. then he asked them if there was a paradion championship in this town? They said yes. Ace asked, where?

They said to go in that direction and pointed towards a direction. When he was walking night fell so he slept near a tree in his sleeping bag and in the morning, he went to the place the people pointed toward and saw a massive arena-looking structure.

He was about to enter but the guard stopped him and asked how many paradions do you have. Ace said one. Then the guard said sorry you must have 10 paradion to enter.

So, Ace went to a jungle to catch and train paradions. While training Ace thought that do, Do I really want to go back?

I mean no one is waiting for me since I am an orphan. The world is boring it’s just read, work, eat, sleep, wake up, eat, read, work, eat. It’s only that.

Then Ace made up his mind to become the champion. Just then the portal suddenly appeared and sucked Ace in and he went unconscious.

Ace was woken up by a strange and rough lick on his face. When he opened his eyes, he saw that it was Ele-rex. He thought that I should probably put Ele-rex in my paradisk.

But he didn’t. He walked around but he heard growls and roars from the bushes. Then suddenly a paradion jumps on top of Ace.

Before he could even react the paradion got teleported back. Ace was shocked to see that. Then a floating type of box or something just appears out of nowhere.

There were 3 options (1) Attack (2) Bag and (3) Paradion. He was shocked that it was like a game. He clicked the bag because he didn’t have his paradisk and there they were just laying in the bag.

He clicked fight and defeated the paradion called Saberlion. He defeated many more paradions and then Ele-rex evolved.

It was a bigger t-rex. But its personality was the same. He did not know the name so he named it Drago-rex. But he didn’t know that every time a paradion evolves their rank and type go up by one. So, the cute little epic Ele-rex was a Heroic.

Then Ace noticed a strange flying thing in the corner of his eyes he clicked it then it showed him some options. One of the options was paradion so he clicked it.

It showed one paradion which was Drago-rex. He clicked Drago-rex’s page which said that he had 6 types in instead of 5.

And the new type was a ghost. He clicked the option labeled Help. He clicked it and saw that every time a paradion evolves their rank and type go up by one but he also learned that if a paradion with a ’Murderous’ personality defeats him in battle the paradion kills him.

He was scared that he carelessly fought so many paradion and some of them might have been Murderous. But he did not know that the universe was in a crisis.

When a portal teleports around 1 to 10 people it is fine and does not take a tremendous amount of năng lượng but if any more than 10 then it takes a lot and lots of energy.

And the problem is that the tower which controls all the portals is controlled by something sinister. But some of you reading this might have some thoughts like Who controls the universe? Or like what controls the tower that controls the portals? Or why are there 2 universes with paradions?

Or even like what happens if the năng lượng runs out? Etc. The answer to the 1st is that a Multidimensional being controls the universe.

The answer to the second one is a Multidimensional Demon who is capable of killing gods and escaping from the Eternal prison made by gods to lock this sinister being an eternity ago who controls the tower that portals.

The answer to the 3rd one is there is another planet like paradise because there is a game version of every universe and so while don’t know there might be a game version of earth.

The answer to the last question is what happens if the năng lượng runs out? The answer is that if the năng lượng runs out the portals stop working And the gods won’t be able to teleport. Now let’s get back to the story, shall we?

As he walks around, he sees a city. He walks towards the city. Then he saw a hoard of Saberlion around he saved. He tried to defeat them with his level 40 and got overwhelmed by many levels 35. He was killed and eaten by the Saberlion.

As he opened his eyes he saw that the hoard of Saberlion was eating something or rather someone! Ace looked at the body which was seemingly his.

He ran away as fast as he can. He stopped to take a breath. Then he started looking for options that could help him.

Ace clicked something called hitbox then he could see the personality, health bar, etc. He clicked on help. Then he saw that you have to equip the new type for it to work.

After that Ace quickly equipped the ghost type and then he saw something horrifying a hoard of hitbox of Saberlion with Murderous as a personality.

He forgot that species of dogs and cats have an incredible sense of smell. He climbed up a tree and said Drago-rex to use sweet smell to hide his smell.

The hoard came and after a long battle, they won then Drago-rex evolved again after 20 levels becoming Draco. Ace walked back to the city.

Then he heard some noise. He quickly took out Draco and started looking around. Then some utensils fell inside of a house which got his attention.

He went into the house to see that there are people alive. He said loudly ‘’you are safe now I defeated the Saberlions’’.

Everyone came out to see that the city was empty. There were no Saberlions left. Everyone rejoiced. Then a portal showed up and spitted someone out who Ace knows.

Ace ran towards the body. Ace took care of the boy until he woke up. When the boy woke up, he recognized Ace. Ace said Liam it’s been so long since we met. Liam said yeah but where are we?

Ace said in an= probably in another multiverse. Actually, Ace was an orphan living in an orphanage with Liam. Then Liam revealed that he is a hacker. Ace got shocked.

Then Liam said can you catch a Paradion for me. Ace said, “Why not.“ Then ace caught and leveled up a Saberlion. Liam said I will try to hack this world because this is like a game.

And it worked. Liam hacked Draco and Saberlion and made them GOD rarity. They also got the knowledge that a creature controls the portals.

So, they went to defeat it. Liam hacked into the portal and opened a portal to the creature. When they went in they saw a huge creature when the creature saw them and the battle started.

They both did a lot of damage but Saberlion was defeated then finally when the health was low of the creature Liam hacked the world again and got a God paradisk he gave that to Ace and Ace caught it. Liam said let’s look at the new friend we got.

He let out the creature and the creature killed Liam Ace screamed no! But it was already done. His friend was killed by the creature but the creature did not kill Ace.

Ace let the creature go into the paradisk and looked at the page to see that it says’’, If any person has killed or will kill people in the future it will kill them on sight’’. Ace thought that it had something to do with the Hacking part. So, Ace hacked the portal and went back to Paradise. And became the champion.


(The writer is a 5th Grade student at Axis Vidyashram)