Single women, men to get allowances


February 12, 2022


Single women, men to get allowances

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CHITWAN: The Ichchakamana rural municipality of Chitwan has decided to provide allowance to single women and single men.

The rural municipality has allocated a budget through its policies and programs to provide such allowance from the current fiscal year.

According to chair Geeta Kumari Gurung, the rural municipality has started collecting data on unmarried women from the age of 45 to 70 and single men between the ages of 60 and 70.

The collection of names has been started from the ward office.

For this, the rural municipality has written to the concerned ward office to submit the list of those eligible for the social security allowance as per the procedure prepared by the municipality.

The rural municipality is going to give social security allowance by formulating procedures.

Gurung said that the rural municipality has allocated Rs. 1 million for this program in the current fiscal year.

From this year, they will be given social security allowance.

She said that the local government is going to provide the social security allowance to the target group as no such facility is provided to them until they reach the age of 70 years.