Police personnel trained to combat TIP


June 11, 2022


Police personnel trained to combat TIP

Elizabeth Hogan, Acting Deputy Mission Director of USAID/Nepal delivering her speech on the closing ceremony of the training, in Kavre.

KAVRE: A five-day TOT in Conceptual Clarity and Effective Investigation into Human Trafficking Cases organized for Nepal Police officials concluded at Dhulikhel of Kavre district yesterday.

The training was held jointly by the USAID-supported Hamro Samman Project of Winrock International and Center for Legal Research and Resource Development (CelRRd).

The TOT aimed at enhancing the skill of police personnel in investigating into cases of trafficking in persons (TIP). Police personnel gained conceptual clarity on human trafficking, transportation and smuggling.

The training discussed the complexity and nexus between human trafficking and foreign labor migration. TIP is a heinous crime, and it has transnational networks.

Traffickers employ modern technologies and various other means for trafficking people. As TIP keeps on changing its nature, it is highly crucial for the investigating officers to be updated on the recent means and ways that traffickers use.

The participants discussed international legal instruments on TIP and its definition. They also discussed case studies on human trafficking and transportation, foreign labor migration and forced sex labor; legal provisions on investigation; procedure to be followed during investigation; role of prosecutor; precedents set by the Supreme Court on TIP cases; difficulties encountered during investigation; varying trends in TIP; role of police to control TIP were discussed

The participants also learnt about the methods to identify victims, knew more about the rights of victims and the legal provisions to deliver justice to victims.

The participants also learnt about the method of planning, designing and organizing training. The trained police officials will conduct training to other police personnel across the country.

Expressing her opinion on the training, Zainab Akther, Chief of Party of Hamro Samman Project said, “I am happy about the fact that the police personnel participated in the training with great enthusiasm and eagerness. I appreciate their active participation in the training.”

Chari Maya Tamang, a TIP survivor and a noted activist against human trafficking, shared her experience during the training. A total of 26 police personnel including two female officers participated in the TOT.

In her closing remark of the program, Sabina Pradhan, Deputy Chief of Party, Hamro Samman Project said, “Nepal police have important role to play to deliver justice to the victims of TIP. I believe that the training has enhanced the knowledge, skill and understanding of the participants for effective investigation of the cases of human trafficking and transportation.”

A trainee, Inspector Pratima Karki said, “The training has given me the confidence to be proactive to work in TIP case as I have got conceptual clarity and also more skills on investigation. If we work closely with all stakeholders, I hope that we can eradicate the problem of TIP form the society.”

“We want to assure that we will be committed to doing proactive investigation on TIP cases. Victim centric investigation is the need of today. From the account of Chari Maya, we realized that investigation officers need to change their method of investigation,” said another participant, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nawa Raj Malla.