Former RPP Chairman Kamal Thapa to announce new party next week

Says ‘Chose to leave RPP rather than going through humiliation’


February 11, 2022


Former RPP Chairman Kamal Thapa to announce new party next week

Former chairman of Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Kamal Thapa. (File photo)

BIRATNAGAR: Former Chairman of  Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Kamal Thapa revealed that he is going to form a new party and register it at the Election Commission (EC) next week.

In a meeting with media persons at Biratnagar Airport on Friday, he mentioned that he invested blood, toils and tears in RPP for 31 years and felt sad at leaving the party.

“However, after realizing that its better to leave the party rather than going through the humiliation and disregard, I took the sad decision,” he said,

Despite his desire to support the new leadership after the party’s general convention, Thapa said that he would open a new party as his suggestions on ideological and organizational issues were ignored by the leadership.

He shared that he would announce a new party next week after consultations with party leaders and well-wishers.

The former chair of RPP said that the new party would carry the agenda of Hindu Nation, good governance and prosperity.

Although he said he wants to see the King as a common guardian and constitutional king, Thapa skipped his former agenda of constitutional monarchy from the list of fundamental issues to address.

Commenting on the US grant project Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), he added that the grant should be passed with the consent from as many political parties as possible.