Limi of Humla without communication services for two weeks


February 11, 2022


Limi of Humla without communication services for two weeks

Limi Valley in Humla district. (Gile Photo)

HUMLA: Limi, a settlement in the northern highland of Namkha rural municipality, is without modern communication services for the last two weeks.

The World Link Communication facilities at Ward Number 6 of the rural municipality is dysfunctional resulting in the disruption in service, it is said.

The Internet service provided by World Link Communication is disrupted since some two weeks back, depriving the locals of communication services, said Ward Chair Paljor Tamang.

He said all services provided by the Ward Office have also been affected due to the disruption in the services.

Tamang said the Internet might be out of service due to the heavy snowfall in Namkha last Thursday and Friday.

Communication through e-mail, Viber, WhatsApp and Wechat is also out of service.

The Ward Chair Tamang said it might take some more days for restoring the Internet services as it will take time for technical team to arrive here from Simkot, the district headquarters.

Limi is a remote area in the district and the trail to the settlement is blocked by snow at high passes.