Landless finally get ownership certificates


April 10, 2022


Landless finally get ownership certificates

District Administration Office, Tanahun. (File Photo for Representation)

TANAHU: The municipalities in Tanahu have started distributing land ownership certificates to the landless people, who have been without the document for many years.

As the local level election is approaching, two municipalities have started distributing such certificates to the landless squatters.

Shuklagandaki Municipality and Bandipur Rural Municipality have started distributing ownership certificates to the landless in all the wards.

The Shuklagandaki Municipality in collaboration with the National Land Commission has started distribution of the document from Shantinagar in Shuklagandaki-7.

It may be noted that 930 landless, squatters and unorganized settlers of Shuklagandaki-7 had applied for the landownership certificate.

Out of the 866 landless persons whose details have been verified, distribution of the land ownership certificate has been started to 247 in the first phase, said Chief Administrative Officer Lila Ballabh Neupane.

Altogether, 4,403 petitions from the landless people have been collected from all 12 wards of the municipality.

The distribution of the landownership certificate has been affected to the frequent change of government officials along with the change of government.

Meanwhile, Bandipur has also started distributing ownership certificates to landless squatters.

The rural municipality has started distributing documents as part of the process of certifying the ownership of the land used by the locals for many years.

According to the agreement reached with the National Land Commission, the landless dalits and landless squatters have been given land titles, said rural municipality chair Purna Singh Thapa.

The document has been distributed to 74 people in ward no. 1 and will be distributed in all the wards.

Similarly, land titles have been distributed to 130 landless people of Bandipur-4 and 5.