Preparation on to develop model grassland in Chitwan National Park


February 10, 2022


Preparation on to develop model grassland in Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park (CNP). (File photo)

CHITWAN: Preparation has been made to develop model grazing land inside Chitwan National Park (CNP).

The CNP has presented a proposal at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation to manage grazing land on 10-15 hectares at five places.

Chief Conservation Officer of CNP Hari Bhadra Acharya said that grazing land is going to be made by deploying workers and CNP staff in order to be managed three times a year. CNP estimated that Rs 10 million would be spent in a year for this.

Activities for the management of grazing lands are being carried out only once a year so far. The grazing land is going to be managed by rooting up other big and tall type grass as grazing lands inside the park are human settlements in the past, he added.

There are 8,995.2 hectares of such type of land inside the CNP. Of them, most of the grazing land is managed on the basis of budget.

Information Officer of CNP Ganesh Prasad Tiwari shared that small amount of grasslands is being constructed due to low budget in the current fiscal year. New grassland is going to be managed on 50 hectares of land and 308 hectares of old grassland is being managed this year.

Rs 2.5 million budget has been allocated for the construction of grassland and Rs 3.835 million for management of grazing lands this year.

A total of 700 grasslands were developed and 400 hectares grassland was managed in the last fiscal year, added Tiwari. Thirty-five million rupees was allocated for developing grassland and Rs 9.957 million for management in the last fiscal year.