After former Chair Thapa, RPP leaders duo Gurung and Poudel resign from RPP


February 9, 2022


After former Chair Thapa, RPP leaders duo Gurung and Poudel resign from RPP

Rastriya Prajatantra Party's Chairman Rajendra Lingden and former Chairman Kamal Thapa. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Within a couple of days after Rastriya Prajantra Party’s former chairman Kamal Thapa’s announcement to leave the party, RPP’s founder leaders duo Uddhav Poudel and Chandra Gurung has announced their decision to leave the party.

Former chairman Thapa deserted the party accusing the incumbent leadership of being the puppet in the hand of royalist.

Founder leaders Gurung and Poudel announced their resignation from RPP through social media. The leaders mentioned their days in RPP as unforgettable and wished everyone good luck.

“The moment of staying in RPP will always be unforgettable. From today, I will end my involvement with RPP,” Gurung wrote, adding, “Good luck to everyone.”

Poudel said that he became sad and emotional when he left RPP and remarked that his sincere efforts to retain unity in RPP failed.

RPP’s former chair Thapa hinted that he will form a new party to take his agenda ahead.

Thapa, who had been advocating for constitutional monarchy, Hindu nation and end of federalism, gave a clue that his new party could drop the agenda of constitutional monarchy. After the defeat in the election held for the post of party chair, Thapa has been accusing the newly elected chair Rajendra Lingden of working in league with the former King Gynendra Shah.

After former chairman Thapa’s decision to leave RPP, his supporters are also leaving the party.

However, to skip the allegation of breaking their swear by Gita not to break RPP the leaders are announcing their resignation from the party.

RPP leaders had sworn in by the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita that they would not split the party.