Identity issue: Naming of Province 1 becoming complicated


August 8, 2022


Identity issue: Naming of Province 1 becoming complicated

Province 1 State Assembly, Biratnagar/File Photo)

BIRATNAGAR: With the issue of giving a name to Province 1 becoming complicated due to the demands of various communities, the meeting of the provincial assembly has been postponed indefinitely.

Speaker Pradeep Kumar Bhandari postponed the assembly meeting indefinitely.

People representing various communities have been demanding that the name of the province be named on the basis of ethnic identity.

Different groups have been demonstrating in front of the Province Assembly building in Biratnagar to impose their demands.

State Assembly member Bindiya Karki said that the state government should be serious about the name of the Province.

Other lawmakers have also been suggesting the government and the provincial assembly rethink before finalizing the name of the province stating that it could invite serious consequences in the future.

However, the state government led by Chief Minister Rajendra Rai is making efforts to forge consensus on the issue, which, in fact, looks bleak.

Chief Whip of Nepali Congress Suyarman Raj Rai says that his party is flexible on the issue.

UML lawmaker and former Social Development Minister Jiwan Ghimire alleged alleges the ruling party for not being serious about the issue.

He said that the ruling Nepali Congress should have sorted out the issue by convening an all-party meeting.

While the ruling NC has insisted that the name of the province should be Saptakoshi Pradesh, CPN-UML has suggested that the name should be Koshi Pradesh.

However, the Maoist Center, United Socialist, and Rastriya Prajatantar Party have been standing in favor of multiple identities.

The Maoists are trying to find a consensus on the name Koshi Kirat Pradesh.