Electoral alliance cannot be ruled out: UML leader Adhikari

Dhiraj Basnet

April 8, 2022


Electoral alliance cannot be ruled out: UML leader Adhikari

Leader of the main opposition party CPN-UML Khagaraj Adhikari has been active in politics since 2029 BS. 

After being elected from Kaski Constituency No. 1 in 2074 BS, Adhikari also became the Chief Whip of the CPN-UML. 

He was the Home Minister for two weeks in the KP Sharma Oli-led government. 

Before that, he was the Health and Population Minister in the then Sushil Koirala-led government. 

Khabarhab’s Dhiraj Basnet held a conversation with Adhikari on various issues, including the upcoming local elections, UML’s election preparations and strategy, among others. Excerpts: 

Leaders including UML Chairman KP Oli have been busy attending public programs in various districts. How is your party preparing for the local elections?

We have formed various committees for election campaigns at all local levels. We, the central leaders, are also visiting districts, villages and meeting the cadres, and conveying our views to the people. 

Within this month, we will also finalize the recommendation of the candidate at the lower level. 

The center will finalize it within a month of its recommendation. 

The work of making the manifesto has reached the final stage. The declaration will be prepared before the candidates are decided. 

What is the ambiance in the districts and villages?

To tell you the truth, it’s pretty exciting. We are confident that the number of places we have won in the past will increase this time. Several other party leaders and cadres are eager to join our party. We are recruiting them on the basis of necessity. Out of 753 local levels, we have estimated that UML alone will win in about 450 local levels.

The parties in the ruling coalition have decided to forge an electoral alliance. What is your strategy to secure UML’s previous seats?

Yes, UML will contest the elections with the ruling alliance. It’s like UML versus five political parties. They are contesting the election with a similar manifesto barring their principles, ideologies, and disagreements. But, it doesn’t make any difference for us. The electoral alliance is between the chiefs of the political parties. It doesn’t make any difference to the people.

In fact, the five-party electoral alliance will have no meaning to the voters. 

Hasn’t UML prepared for an electoral alliance with other parties? 

We neither follow other political parties’ principles nor do we forbid anyone. There can be an electoral alliance with those who agree with our journey of prosperity, national independence and self-respect. 

There can be dialogue with such political parties. 

UML has been holding talks with the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) for an electoral alliance. On what basis is UML trying to make an alliance with RPP? 

It’s not that we have decided to forge an electoral alliance with RPP. In fact, we have had some discussions with the RPP leaders. However, discussions for electoral alliances should not be a problem for any party. We do not carry RPP’s agenda. How could we support a constitutional monarchy? Look, for instance, Chitra Bahadur KC’s party and Upendra Yadav’s party are at odds when it comes to federalism. However, they are together. 

If there can be no alliance with RPP, why did you hold talks with RPP leaders?

Discussions can be done with any party. There can be a dialogue between two political forces. It should not be taken otherwise.