Garbage pile up in Kathmandu yet again


August 6, 2022


Garbage pile up in Kathmandu yet again

Piled up garbage/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Garbage in Kathmandu has piled up yet again as disruption in the collection of waste has resulted in littered streets, and emanating stench.

The garbage is amassed in the densely populated areas of Kathmandu, including Anamnagar, Kalanki, Kalimati, Balkhu, and other places.

Earlier on July 20, the KMC had issued a public notice urging the locals not to bring the garbage out of home for a week citing continued road maintenance.

Spokesperson of the KMC, Nabin Manandhar, said management of the waste had become a tough job since running vehicles along the road was not possible due to delayed completion of the road construction.

He further said it could take some more days to complete the road repair task, meaning that the management of the waste from the entire city could be delayed.