NEPSE declines by 23.32 points Wednesday


April 6, 2022


NEPSE declines by 23.32 points Wednesday

KATHMANDU: The stock market witnessed the continuation of the downtrend declining by double digits on Wednesday.

NEPSE declined by 23.32 points today dropping the NEPSE index to 2428.75 points.

The Sensitive Index of good and strong companies fell by 2.28 points to 455.94. The transaction amount also got confined to around Rs 2 billion.

Out of 13 subgroups 10 went red when three witnessed the green today. The Hotel and Tourism group rose the most by 2.06 percent followed by the Other group and the Mutual Fund group. The Other group rose by 0.37 percent and the Mutual Fund by 0.06 percent.

Today, the trade group fell the most at 2.76 percent.

Out of the 226 companies listed in NEPSE, 437,217 shares have been bought and sold at a price of Rs 1.99 billion today.

Himalayan Distillery had the highest turnover of Rs 94.1 million on this day.

Shareholders of NESDO Sambriddhi Microfinance earned the most. The share price of this microfinance saw a positive circuit with a 10 percent increase while the shareholders of Emerging Nepal lost a lot on this day. The company’s share price fell by 10 percent to a negative circuit.