KMC increases education spending three-fold


July 4, 2022


KMC increases education spending three-fold

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has allocated a budget of more than Rs 700 million for education in the coming fiscal year.

This is three-fold more than the budget of running fiscal year.

KMC Education Department Officer Ram Prasad Subedi said, “About Rs 220 million was allocated for the current fiscal year. And over Rs 700 million has been allocated for the coming fiscal. That’s about three times more. ”

The metropolis has introduced various programs for public education reform this year.

According to the KMC Education section, budget has been allocated for upgrading toilets, imparting skill-based education to students enrolled in Grade IX-XII in all secondary schools once a week, and provisioning student lockers in schools setting a model.

Budget has also been increased for the programs that are already in execution phase.

KMC to contribute additional Rs 10 more for student lunch

KMC is preparing to contribute Rs 10 to the amount allocated for student lunch. The federal government has been allocating Rs 15 per student for lunch.

The education department said KMC is preparing to increase the minimum lunch amount by Rs 10.

Subedi said, “It has been passed to add Rs 10 now. However, following suggestions received, there could be slight change in the amount.”

The government has announced to expand lunch to students till grade VI in the upcoming fiscal. At present, students up to Grade V receive lunch.

The federal government has aimed to expand the program to Class VIII.