Eye infections and ways to avoid them

Dr. Ben Limbu

July 3, 2022


Eye infections and ways to avoid them

KATHMANDU: Summer brings health problems. As the temperature rises, so does the pollution in the atmosphere. Rising temperatures and climate change cause a variety of eye problems in the summer.

When the main cities, including the Kathmandu Valley, are unorganized, the increase in garbage increases the risk of direct eye infections. If the eye infection is not taken care of in time, the vision of the eye can be lost. Problems such as itchy eyes, itching, burning, redness, and dryness become come hazards in summer.

The summer temperature is good for germ growth. When germs spread, they can affect different parts of the body. The risk of eye infections is high during this time. Many people suffer from cataracts due to viruses and bacteria.

The main cause of eye infections

There are some germs and bacteria enhancing our antibodies in our body. They prevent the infection of nose, mouth and eyes to a large extent. However, when their number exceeds the normal level, they start affecting.

If our body’s immune system is weakened, the infection will spread quickly. Either way, the higher the number of infected germs, the higher the vulnerability. Infections are more common during the summer months as germs become more active.

To find out if there is an infection in the eye

Initially, the eyes may be red, uncomfortable, irritated, red, and when you wake up in the morning, the eyes may be tingling around the eyelids, which may be a sign of infection.

In this case, one should go to the hospital immediately. You should not stay at home applying hot or cold water. If the eye is neglected, it can lead to big problems later.

Risk of not treating on time

Cataracts are common. However, if it is not treated during the course of the disease, it affects various parts of the eye.

There is a possibility of swelling in the eyes to blindness. Therefore, you should go to the hospital on time and seek the advice of a doctor.

Precautions to be taken at home

If only one eye is infected, both eyes should not be closed. You should not wipe the tears of one eye and wipe the other eye with the same handkerchief.

If there are any eye infections at home, the patient should wash his hands thoroughly after taking the medicine. If an infected person goes out of the house only wearing glasses, the infection cannot be transmitted to others.

Medication without doctor’s advice should be avoided

It is wrong for anyone to use medicine without a doctor’s advice. In some places, people are found procuring medicine haphazardly and using it as they do not have reliable health facilities nearby.

If you have a common problem, you can get better by buying your own medicine. However, it is not good to use medicine without a doctor’s advice. Such a habit can lead to blindness.

The problem should not be taken lightly

There are also many people who lose their eyes due to lack of timely treatment or by using different types of medicines themselves.

Using medicine without a doctor’s advice can lead to blindness. Even if someone knows that he has the disease, he is found to be blind due to untimely treatment.

Hospital treatment

Upon arrival at the hospital, the patient’s vision is checked if there is a normal virus or bacteria in the eye. If the vision is correct, the eyes are checked by other machines. It can be easily treated by looking at the doctor whether the eye is mature or not. The doctor prescribes medicine depending on the condition.

Nepal at the forefront of access to treatment

At present, the situation in Nepal is satisfactory. We are at the forefront in South Asia. However, you have not been able to fulfill the criteria given by the WHO everywhere.

We have also provided services to people living in remote areas through various programs. We are trying our best.

To prevent eye problems

Special attention should be given to the healthy foods as the people with low immunity get infected soon. People who smoke and drink alcohol have a higher risk of infection. Even a small injury to the eye can lead to infection.

Therefore, care should be taken when moving your hands around your eyes or closing your eyes. Goggles or spectacles should be used when going out of the house. People who work in construction are more likely to get eye injuries. Such a person should  work with glasses. It is also important to have regular eye examinations.

The people with diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease and those using medication for depression or arthritis daily should get their eyes checked up regularly.