African swine fever cases detected in pigs in Panauti


August 1, 2022


African swine fever cases detected in pigs in Panauti

A view of Panauti Municipality. (File photo)

PANAUTI: African swine fever infection has been detected in the pigs reared commercially in various firms in Panauti town of Kavrepalanchwok district.

According to Panauti Municipality, the infection considered very dangerous and likely to turn into an epidemic, was found in the pigs today. The Municipality has banned the transportation of the pigs.

Indra Prasad Adhikari, senior administrative officer in the Municipality, issuing an appeal today confirmed about the African swine fever and informed about the ban on the transportation of the pig and pork meat. Health examination of the pig is advised in case of transportation.

According to him, preparations were underway to examine samples of the pigs in potential areas for African swine fever.

According to Department of Livestock Services, this infection does not transmit to human.

First detected in India, China and Bhutan in 2018, the infection was detected in Panauti today while the first case of the infection in Nepal was in Kageshwori Manohara area in Kathmandu district some five months ago.

Around 1,000 pigs in the Kathmandu Valley (Godawari and Changu Narayan areas) had perished to the infection in the first instance.