33 schools in Doti closed for an indefinite period for salary issues


October 31, 2021


33 schools in Doti closed for an indefinite period for salary issues

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DOTI: Thirty-three schools in the Adarsha rural municipality in Doti west have been closed for an indefinite period over the payment issue.

School employees and early childhood development facilitators have remained agitated, citing the local government did not implement the government decision to increase their payrolls.

The Rural Municipality Teachers’ Federation here has expressed solidarity with the decision of agitating people to close the schools.

As said by Federation chair Ganesh Dahal, other local governments in the district have already implemented the decision to hike the salaries of school employees and childhood development facilitators, but the Adarsha rural municipality turned a deaf ear to execute the decision.

According to him, the local government is bound to increase Rs 7,000 per person in accordance with the decision of the Federal Government.

Nepal Students Union Doti President Ganesh Khadka said it was a matter of concern that schools were again closed due to teachers’ protest when the COVID-19 pandemic had adversely affected the academic session.
The local government is yet to give its official views in regard to the salary increment issue.