Two local levels in Lamjung implement local curriculum


September 28, 2021


Two local levels in Lamjung implement local curriculum

Office of the Marsyangdhi Rural Municipality.

KATHMANDU: Two local levels in Lamjung have implemented local curriculum in schools. The Marsyangdhi Rural Municipality and Madhya Nepal Municipality have enforced the local curriculum from Grade 1 to 5 at local schools.

The curriculum is primarily focused on local needs, potentials, utilization of locally available resources. Similarly, personal profiles contributing to several sectors in the society are included in the curriculum, according to Madhya Nepal’s Mayor Ramesh Kumar Pande. The municipality has 50 schools.

The curriculum also highlights the features of history, culture, geography, agriculture, herbs and flora, and fauna of the locality.

The local government had formed a five-member committee also comprising the municipality chief administrative officers and two teachers to develop the curriculum.

Marsyangdi Rural Municipality education section chief Devraj Poudel said local culture, custom, attire, history, tourism, geography, and profile of local dignitaries have been focused in the curriculum. There are 55 schools in Marsyangdhi Rural Municipality.

The constitution has guaranteed the right to education in mother tongues. In accordance with the National Curriculum Framework 2076 BS, the local curriculum can be implemented from Grade 1 to 8. RSS