Wave on the Maley Harbor

Shyam Gaire

June 26, 2021


Wave on the Maley Harbor

(Photo courtesy: worldatlas.com)


Difficult to read anyone’s face to win;

Her big black eyes travel towards mind to swim;

Round face with curly hair of her luxury;

Minstrel to dancer- minded boys are her jury;

Shy on her eyes is the most to glorify;

Casual dress and slimness force me to modify;

Both mind and Black eagle were to fly;

Searching for wetness towards water’s need to try;

Emotional accident with silence hap on eyes;

World would be meaninful to glorify her shy;

Milk Can of my hand started gentle shake;

Race in mind starts emotional awake;

Long breath and hope make me dance;

Relation starts with attachment push for enhance:

Action same-aim different is our route;

Surgery and replacing valve is our truth;

Wake up! Wake up! Sleeping souls alarm ring;

Event can’t repeat by illusionary time to sing;

Crow came on dry branch to text;

“My Husband’s Death” paper signed out with fax;

Her restless mind moves towards heaven;

My Will and thinking resting at Maley harbour to celebrate win;