Christmas Day being observed across world including Nepal today


December 25, 2021


Christmas Day being observed across world including Nepal today

Santa Claus with Christmas tree.

KATHMANDU: The birth anniversary of Lord Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, is being celebrated all over the world including Nepal today.

Christmas Day is celebrated all over the world on December 25 to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

Today, on the occasion of Christmas, Jesus Christ is being commemorated in churches across the country by organizing various programs including prayers.

Christmas is observed by meditating on Jesus’ teachings and sermons, expressing love and exchanging good wishes and gifts.

The highlight of Christmas is Santa Claus. It is believed that Santa, a long white bearded man wearing a red hat, would give gifts and share happiness with everyone. Markets and large shopping malls are decorated with Christmas trees.

It is believed that Jesus was born from the womb of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, two thousand years ago. Jesus is also called Jesus Christ. The year is believed to have commemorated his contribution to the human community.

The government has also given public leave today on this occasion.