The Matrix (1999) to re-release on Dec 3


November 23, 2021


The Matrix (1999) to re-release on Dec 3

The Matrix, which originally hit the theatres in 1999, is set to re-release in December.

KATHMANDU: The Matrix, which was released in 1999, is set to be re-released in the theatres on December 3.

The 1999 sci-fi film will release on December 3 in the cinemas, after more than two decades of its original release date, India Today has reported.

It’s been 18 years since Keanu Reeves was last seen in The Matrix Revolutions.

The Matrix (1999) got the green-black color palette, the bullet shots; the futuristic glasses popular, the report said.

Keanu Reeves plays Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer who realizes that life is just a re-creation to mask an ongoing conflict between humans and Artificial Intelligence in the real world in the film.

Before The Matrix Resurrections hits theatres, the original film will give an insight into the world of the Matrix to the viewers.

(With inputs from India Today)