Campaign launched to reduce violence against women


December 18, 2021


Campaign launched to reduce violence against women

KHOTANG: Four young women of Khotang have launched a campaign ‘Stand up Daughter for change’ in the district to reduce violence against women. Nirmala Acharya ‘Sunakhari’, 21, and Yashoda Rijal, 20, of Nerpa in Rupakot Majhuwagadhi municipality, Sulochana Acharya, 19, of Diktel in the same municipality, and Rejina Damai of Ainselukharka rural municipality has started the campaign on December 5.

Campaign leader Nirmala said that the campaign will be conducted by gathering women in different schools or villages of the district and conducting orientation, training, seminar, and interaction on the issue of their empowerment.

“Women themselves need to be vigilant to avoid violence. We need to be aware of what our rights are and where and how to get them, ”said Nirmala. For this, women should be educated and self-sufficient, while child marriage must end. ”

They have also set up a Facebook group to publicize activities against violence against women and physical, mental, social, and intellectual exploitation of women and their oppression, torture, and ill-treatment. She said that plans have been made to reduce violence against women in the coming days by cooperating with the district unit of the National Human Rights Commission and other civil society organizations.

Nirmala and Sulochana had been working in the village some time ago as enumerators for the population census. After receiving the opportunity to visit every house during the census and talk to the women closely and understand their problems, they decided to start the campaign to spread awareness.