Dr. KC accuses Prasai of threatening MEC office bearers


March 17, 2021


Dr. KC accuses Prasai of threatening MEC office bearers

Senior orthopedic surgeon Prof Dr. Govinda KC. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Senior orthopedic surgeon and medical education reform campaigner Prof. Dr. Govinda KC has accused Durga Prasai, executive director of Jhapa-based B & C Hospital, of threatening to kill Medical Education Commission (MEC) office-bearers.

Organizing a press meet in Kathmandu on Tuesday, Dr. KC alleged that Prasai had threatened MEC office bearers’ after the latter concluded that the hospital failed to meet the criteria required to upgrade the facility into a medical college.

Prime Minister KP Oli, who is also MEC chairman, has pledged his cooperation to Prasai to upgrade the hospital into a medical college.

“PM Oli has breached Kathmandu University regulations by declaring that he would help in granting permission for the upgrade, irrespective of MEC taskforce’s objection,” Dr. KC said in the press meet.

He demanded all office bearers of Kathmandu University should resign for their improper recommendation.

Dr. KC has warned to resuming his fast unto death if his demands were not addressed.