EU to reveal new proposals on Northern Ireland Protocol


October 13, 2021


EU to reveal new proposals on Northern Ireland Protocol

BRUSSELS: The EU is to set out proposals later to address the row about trade in Northern Ireland, BCC has said.

The UK wants to change the deal struck as part of the Brexit process to allow goods to circulate more freely between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it said.

The EU says the current rules impose too many barriers to the sale of chilled meats and other products.

The EU’s proposals, which it calls far-reaching, are expected to involve reduced checks on goods and medicines, BBC has reported.

Under the current arrangement, a hard border on the island of Ireland is avoided by keeping Northern Ireland in the EU’s single market for goods, it added.

But it creates a new trade border with Great Britain which unionists say undermines their place in the UK.

The proposals are understood to include a unique deal around agri-food – which includes agriculture, horticulture, and food and drink processing – aimed at sharply reducing the checks on products moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

There will also be an arrangement to allow the continued sale of chilled meats from Great Britain in Northern Ireland; these products were facing a ban.

(With inputs from BBC)