SC verdict is contrary to parliamentary system: Kamal Thapa


July 13, 2021


SC verdict is contrary to parliamentary system: Kamal Thapa

Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairman Kamal Thapa. (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: The Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has said the Supreme Court’s verdict in regard to the writ petitions about the May 22 dissolution of the House of Representatives was against the parliamentary system, multi-party system, and the principle of separation of power.

The party led by Kamal Thapa said though the apex court’s Monday verdict was likely to give some relief to those excluded from the government and give some comfort to those getting away to form the (new) government, for the time being, it was capable of having a far-reaching negative impact on the Nepali politics.

“Though the people in the existing leadership in the government are suffered by the court’s decision, many more are sure to suffer the same fate in the days to come,” the party said in the statement.

As the party said, the verdict overthrowing the control of political parties over the parliament is fatal and it will threaten the existence of political parties in the future.

The mixed electoral system that we have adopted had made any political party secure a clear majority in the general election is very unlikely and it will be hard to maintain party unity and discipline when a lawmaker is not legally bound to the political party, according to the party.

The party further meant to say that any individual winning the election from any political party should not have free will to take any political decision.

He argued that those terming the decision as a historic need to review it seriously.