Former King Gyanendra extends New Year greetings


April 13, 2021


Former King Gyanendra extends New Year greetings

Former King Gynendra Shah. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Former King Gyandendra Shah has stressed equality, unity and prosperity among all Nepalis, home and abroad, in a message on the occasion of Nepali New Year of the Bikram Sambat Calendar.

The former royal’s secretariat has released Shah’s greeting for all Nepalis Tuesday.

Each Nepali is filled with aspirations of progress, prosperity and peace with the arrival of each New Year, however, those aspirations wither away with passing of time, former King Shah has said in the release.

He has also wished for continued fulfillment of Nepali people’s aspirations.

He has also emphasized ethical conduct by all, including politicians and people’s representatives, to end internal chaos and conflict.

Former King Shah has also urged all for cooperation among tarai, hill and mountain people by eliminating discrimination.

He has invoked the feelings of strengthening the nation and national identity by discouraging foreign interferences, financial irregularities and misuse of natural resources.

Citing that all Nepalis faced common problems, the former royal has urged all to unite to consolidate power for achieving shared goals of prosperity.

He is of the view that the power to raise the country’s stature is in the hands of Nepalis and all should work towards this end, by rising above personal and factional interests.