Experts call security agencies to be highly alert in view of regional atmosphere


September 11, 2021


Experts call security agencies to be highly alert in view of regional atmosphere

Institute of Foreign Affairs in Tripureshwor. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: International relations experts have underscored the need for the security agencies in the country to be additionally cautious in the wake of the unfolding event in Afghanistan which, they opined, could affect Nepal.

At an interaction on ‘US Return from Afghanistan: Implication to Nepal and Regional Order’ organized by the Institute of Foreign Affairs here Friday, the participants drew the attention of the security agencies towards the increasing security challenges emanating following the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan and takeover of the Taliban there.

According to them, the South Asia region faced increasing security challenges after the takeover of the Taliban and said that it was imperative for the security agencies to remain highly alert for the security threats as Nepal shares a porous border with India. They also said that the bureaucrats now should move ahead with diplomatic acumen, intellectual prowess and maturity.

International Relations Committee President Pabitra Niraula Kharel said the rescue and repatriation, security and rehabilitation of the Nepalis stranded in Afghanistan was the need of the hour. Stating that there was no alternative to becoming conscious on time and moving ahead with the formulation of strategy so that Nepal would not face any untoward incident, she highlighted the need for coordination among the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and Security Council and continuous scrutiny in the open border between Nepal and India.

Similarly, former secretary at MoFA Gyanchandra Acharya viewed that it was imperative for the South Asian countries to forge a common viewpoint on Afghanistan’s turn of events after holding informal discussions like this. He also said that the agenda be made more strong and organized through the SAARC.

Likewise, former ambassador Shambhu Ram Simkhada opined that all the SAARC-member nations should cooperate with each other to ensure peace, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan, which is also one among the eight-member nations of the regional forum. He also called for caution among the one and all to make sure that there was no adverse effect on Nepal by what had happened in Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan could learn from the experience of Nepal that resolved its issues related to decade-long conflict without intervention from external sources,” he observed. RSS