COVID-19 healthcare waste management reform drive launched


August 7, 2021


COVID-19 healthcare waste management reform drive launched

KATHMANDU: The Government of China and the United Nations Development Program jointly launched a program to improve healthcare waste management system in response to COVID-19 in Nepal.

The program under the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund of China will be implemented as an initiative of the Department of Health Services, Nepal, and in coordination with Koshi Hospital, Biratnagar, Narayani Hospital, Brigunj, Janakpur Hospital, Janakpurdham, Birendra Sainik Hospital, Chhauni, Rapti Provincial Hospital, Tulasipur and Bheri Hospital, Nepangunj.

Under the drive, autoclaves will be installed in hospitals and hospital waste management system upgraded, said the UNDP Office.

Likewise, health workers will get training on the management of hospital wastes. As many as 350 health workers and 100 officials at local levels will avail the training. Similarly, over 300 youths will be mobilized at town and rural areas.