Traffic resumes on Karnali corridor road


November 5, 2021


Traffic resumes on Karnali corridor road

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KARNALI: The Karnali corridor road which was obstructed due to landslide at different sections has resumed.

The landslide debris that had deposited on the road at Bar, Gobrebhid, Kholibazaar and Simkhet along the Lalighat of Kalikot district to Sallisalla of Humla has been removed and traffic resumed on this section of the corridor highway.

The landslide had deposited huge boulders at different places along the roadway. The Nepali Army had worked continuously to open the road.

Nepali Army Major, Prem Karki said the road has been opened after 15 days since it got blocked.

The Kalikot, Bajura and Humla folks faced much inconvenience due to the disruption of vehicular traffic.

Karnali corridor roadway was obstructed due to the landslide triggered by incessant rains for four days since October 17.